I always look forward to my mom going away because then I get to go on VACATION AT THE JUNGLE!!

Mom says she knows I'm in good hands and doesn't have to worry about me because she can tell I get lots of love and attention.

Here's my happy pix — thanks always for taking such good care of me!

— Pinky

Sydney, Maui, and Buster

Our mom travels a lot and her neighbor used to take care of us, but she moved and our mom said that someone new was going to come over. Mommy introduced Miss Kate and I gave her the sniff over. Miss Kate properly greeted me and told me how beautiful I am. (I of course already know this.)

Then, next thing I know, mommy pulled out her luggage and said she was going away, but only for a few days.

Miss Kate came over and silly Buster ran away and Sydney ignored her entirely. That meant I had Miss Kate all to myself! Pretty soon Buster decided to come out and sit near her feet and on the next visit Buster did the most horrendous thing! She lay on Miss Kate's lap and demanded pets!

It's now almost two years later and we have learned to take turns on "Aunt" Kate's lap! I actually prefer snuggling next to her. Our mom says Aunt Kate does such a good job taking care of us that she's stopped worrying about us when she goes away. That's good... we don't want mommy to be stressed.

On behalf of Sydney, Buster and our mommy, thank you Aunt Kate!

— Maui, the Magnificent

Hi Aunt Kate!
Thank you so much for taking care of Shelby while I was away. It was my first time leaving her with someone and I am sooooooo happy that we found each other!!! Shelby wanted to write a little something too!!
— Shelby's Mom

Dear Aunt Kate,
I had so much fun sleeping over at the Kitty Jungle! I made lots of new friends and didn't miss my mommy at all! Well, maybe just a little (she made me say that). You were so kind to me and I really had a great time with you. I look forward to coming for a visit again!! Say hi to all my friends!! xoxo
— Shelby

"I rate the Kitty Jungle "
— Rags - Metuchen, NJ

Cinnamon prepares for a trip to the resort!
"The website is great! Very entertaining in addition to being informative! I would expect nothing less from Kate's Kitty Jungle. For the first time since having cats (all my life!) I can go on vacation knowing my cat will be taken care of as well as if I were home—probably better. If there had been a place like this for children when Susie and Debbie were younger, maybe Lou and I would have gone on a vacation for two! Thanks from all of us!"
— Carol, Lou, Susie, Debbie and Cinnamon (aka Aloha Kitty) - Edison, NJ

"It's more than worth the extra drive to know that Dusty is being cared for as if she were Kate's own cat. It's the only place I'd take her."
— Mary G. - Milltown, NJ

"Dear Aunt Kate. Thanks for taking such good care of me again while my mom was away... I just love my window view of all those delicious birdies! Mom says I'm always a nicer cat when I come home from a stay at the Jungle... what do you think she means?"
— Sasha - Colonia, NJ

"Our cat, Mr.T., has been happily vacationing at Kate's Kitty Jungle for over four years. He thinks the resort accommodations are purrfect; immaculate, bright, spacious—and even a cushioned "bunk" for sleeping! He loves the playroom, which is a soothing oasis filled with plants, cozy wicker furniture and climbing platforms of all kinds. But best of all is Kate herself, who treats all her "guests" as family, giving each one individual time and attention. Kate's Kitty Jungle is a delightful retreat for our precious pet, which gives us total peace of mind when we are away!"
— Ann and Ron B. - Edison, NJ

"We just couldn't ever go on vacation if we didn't have "Aunt Kate" to take care of our babies!"
— L.&.B. - Scotch Plains, NJ

"Thanks again! Pumpkin Elizabeth is behaving so good after coming back from her stay with you. Which is a first, because usually after I board her she acts out so badly. This time she is fine and acting like herself. Thank you again! We will be back!"
— Maryann C. - Somerset, NJ

"Hi Auntie Kate: I kept asking Mommy to write this card out, but she is always busy so I had daddy do it. Thank you for taking such good care of me when they had to go to Hawaii on business (yeah, right, business my hairballs!!). I appreciate the cuddling and care you gave me... and the bath stuff, too, I guess. I know I looked great, but if anyone else had tried it... Grrrr, hissss."
— Oreo - Whippany, NJ


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